I was just watching a show on the history channel about cavemen, and in it they say that some anthropologists say they found evidence of religious behavior because they buried their dead, and found some bones in shrine-like arrangements. I have my opinion, but I would love to hear unfettered opinions before I submit mine. So what do ya think?

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I think it's really still up in the air. A quick check around the big wide web yielded mostly journal articles that have some hypotheses but not a LOT of unambiguous data before 30,000 years ago. Since the Neanderthal's died out around just that time, it seems like there is a shortage of evidence.

The evolution of culture By Robin Ian MacDonald Dunbar, Chris Knight, Camilla Power from 1999 seems torn on the subject as the burial sites of the Neanderthals could be due to an accident or may be a one-off occurence.

I'm curious as to your thoughts.

I absolutly agree with the report. I have seen Taliban burring their dead. I m not sure what kind of behaviour it is?


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