Team has discovered that humans may have been on this continent over 100,000 years earlier than previously thought

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Thank you for sharing Andrew. I know there are some scientists who do not think this is evidence of earlier human occupation in North America. I recall in my college anthropology classes (years ago) the professor said there was some evidence pointing to much earlier human occupation than was commonly accepted at the time. Some native american tribal stories also hint at earlier occupation. I think this latest find is exciting. I am interested to see what becomes of it.

I love these sorts of discoveries - most times the accepted paradigm is challenged, good science results! (Sadly, only most times...) And change is always vital to robustness.

And sometimes there are bits of unusual humor. Particularly this tautological statement from the caption under the picture:

"The unusual positions of the femur heads, one up and one down, broken in the same manner next to each other is unusual."

And Grumpy Cat is grumpy...

Thanks for sharing. I have also wondered about what science has said on it based on what some natives have said and taught. Also, based on that I would also like to know how long us homo sapiens have been in South America.


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