I have just published a science fiction novel, "Traveling in Space," and there is a bit of an irony in that. When I was in high school and college I was lucky to achieve even a D in science courses, and to this day any math beyond the four basics — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — puts me into a cold sweat. Even the four basics would bother me if some kind strangers had not invented the hand held electronic calculator. Granted there is no hard science in my novel and the only math is the word count, but still — a science fiction novel?

This irony has led me to write a new blog -- SCIENCE IS NOT A FROG, all about science education. It is my sincere hope that it is not as dull as it sounds -- and I would love to hear comments from the good people who contribute to this fourm.

If you want to take the risk, you can find it here: http://stevenpaulleivasthisnthat.blogspot.com/2012/02/science-is-no...

Best to all,

Steven Paul Leiva

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I've always loved science, but I'm starting to see that many do not.  Thanks for your blog.  It sounds like a good idea to me.

Thanks Idaho Spud (does this mean you have may eyes and can see much that others miss?).

I appreciate your comment.

Haha, I'd like to think that, but it mostly means potatoes are my favorite food.


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