Does anyone agree that if you have proved that proposition X exits, or is real, do you also prove that not X is wrong, does not exist, unreal?

If you follow me, than my next question is: What can we prove (X), so that not X = no god?


For example, Einstein proved that gravity is due to the curvature of space, not a force that pulls as Newton said. So when Einstein proved the new definition of gravity, he also proved that Newton's idea was wrong.

For another example, Before there was evidence of the microwave background radiation, it was believed that the universe was a static universe (unchanging), but when the microwave background radiation was discovered, it prove that not only was the universe dynamic, but that it had a beginning as well, and in the process proved the static universe false.


So, again I ask, what could it be that we could prove exists, is real, that would also prove that there is no god?

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The new Discover show Curiosity did an interesting riff on this, but I am not sure their proof is concrete enough to be useful. They were not disproving all concepts of a god, but were specifically addressing the existence of a creator that existed before the universe did and set it into motion. And the final answer was that time came into existence with the so-called Big Bang, so there was no before, and no possibility of a creator. (This summary is of course massively oversimplified.)


Again though, for any meaningful discussion the god being discussed has to be specified and defined.

I'm not exactly sure what existed before the big band, but I do know it had a lot less saxophones.

Please, a lot fewer saxophones.

A lot less saxophone music is okay; I prefer clarinet music.

Alright, so I'm a grammar nazi.


But seriously, I always ask theists to define just what they mean when they talk about God....more than half the time, it stops them dead in their tracks.

Unaccustomed as they are to either public or private thinking....

Their mania is obedience, both public and private.



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