Scientists at Georgetown University have discovered why broccoli and cauliflower type vegetables fight many types of cancers. About half of all cancers including breast, lung and colon involve a mutation of a particular gene (P53) that results in the cancer cells producing a particular defective protein. Broccoli and cauliflower type vegetables contain an ingredient called isothiocyanate that binds to the defective protein. Moreover, the mutated gene renders the cancer cells vulnerable to the toxic effects of isothiocyanate. The result is that the cancer cells are killed by the ingredient. However, normal cells are resistant to isothiocyanate and isothiocyanate does not bind to the non-defective form of the protein. Accordingly, normal cells are not harmed by the ingredient. The defective protein that accommodates the death of cancer cells by subjecting them to isothiocyanate is protective of them against many other chemotherapies.

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Well, I should be pretty well off, then. I eat about 3 heads of broccoli a month. : )


Just started eating broccoflower, too. Ever tried it? It's good.

I like that type of stuff too. It's also low in calories if you don't put dressing on it.

Do other members of the cultivar plants contain the same compounds? 

Apparently cooking to long destroys most of the beneficial proteins, although, steaming for 4 or 5 minutes does not, Of course, raw has the maximum benefit.

Don't tell my daughter! She'll want the suppliment insted of the vegetable!


If they come out with the ingredient in supplement form I think a lot of people will opt for it over the vegetable, including me!




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