This article is from the NY Times today. Enjoy!

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Fun article but the opening is atrocious:

The first words ever spoken, so fable holds, were a palindrome and an introduction: “Madam, I’m Adam.”

What the hell fable has it that the first phrase was uttered by a person named Adam in ENGLISH??? This is so painfully stupid I don't know where to start. They then use this to talk about the Y-chromosome "Adam" without explaining that it isn't the Biblical Adam after immediately talking about Biblical Adam. Gah!

Here's a question: when the palindrome matches up, it won't be able to tell which sequence is right versus wrong, only that there is a difference. That means that half the screw ups get duplicated to both sides of the Y chromosome. What happens to these individuals? Or am I missing something?
So what I was missing is that this only repairs double-stranded breaks...for some reason I got the idea from the article that this was a general repair for mutation and I was confused.
Actually, I liked the beginning of this article; "so fable holds" will set off the fundy nuts.
Except what fable says that? Must be a pretty damn new fable.
Finally! A fucking USE for palindromes. Now they are for scientists and not just pretentious pricks that want to feel smart.

Since palindromes are incidental results of ultimately fairly arbitrary systems of spelling, they are meaningless. Since they don't make coherent sentences, they are retarded--drooling, incontinent, and wearing a goddamn football helmet.

In seriousness, this is actually a pretty cool data-integrity device.




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