Solar Loops

Image courtesy SDO/NASA

Huge loops of plasma—superheated, charged gas—rise from an active region on the sun in a newly released picture from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Each loop is as tall as several Earths stacked on top of each other.

The plasma loops trace the sun's otherwise invisible magnetic field lines, which rise from the star's magnetically active regions—the starting points for huge eruptions of radiation known as solar flares.

(Also see "Aurora Pictures: Solar Storms Trigger Northern Lights.")

See the rest of the photos here.

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Nice pic above, Steph S. Thanks.

People who like space pix enough to see a different one each day, make NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day your home page:

If you like space pix enough to lose yourself in them, click on "Archive" at the bottom of the page.

So cool! Thanks Tom. I appreciate it.

Great links, Steph and Tom. My favorite topic. ... well one of them. 

check my page there's new blog posts w/2 shots




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