General Electric showcased their new prototype, to go on sale next year, at the Light Fair industry conference in Las Vegas.

GE ... uses what is called an active "synthetic jet" technology that produces an air flow inside the lamp, pulling the hot air out and creating a cooling air current.

I don't know about you, but my experience to date with advanced LED bulbs has been disappointing. One lasted overnight, at least the company replaced it. In the fixture above my head the LED bulb is barely visible, compared to the compact fluorescents. It got dim and purple-pink after a few months. The ads say stuff like "lasts ten years". LOL They break if you drop them and "burn out" if the fixture doesn't have outstanding air flow.

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You are right ... They don't last 10 years! I have never had one last that long. They are disappointing.

Neat. I have also been less than impressed by LED light bulbs on the market. My bedside lamp is LED and the light is very murky.




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