A professor in U.S. is telling Liberians that the Defense Departmen...

Claiming that the US Department of Defense created Ebola and that doctors fighting Ebola are part of a bioterror experiment on Africans is far more deadly than shouting "Fire!" in a crowded room.

... a major Liberian newspaper, the Daily Observer, has published an article by a Liberian-born faculty member of a U.S. university implying the epidemic is the result of bioterrorism experiments conducted by the United States Department of Defense, among others.

Dr. Cyril Broderick  of the University of Delaware claims the WHO, CDC and Doctors Without Borders, among others, are testing Ebola on Africans.

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

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Meanwhile the University of Delaware stands up for its tenured faculty member.

Delaware State U. won’t interfere with free speech of professor spr...

“The university is not going to abridge his First Amendment rights to give his opinion about the issues of the day,” said Carlos Holmes, a spokesman for the school, where Cyril Broderick is an associate professor in the agriculture and natural resources department.

This isn't responsible academics or free speech.

The least the University can do is to repudiate Dr. Broderick's claims in the African media he used. While I'm not on the faculty of the University of Delaware, I'm shamed by such behavior from an American academic. Don't passively participate in genocide by failing to speak out!

I've sent this letter, via his assistant, to the President of Delaware State University Dr. Harry Lee Williams:


Assistant to Dr. Harry Lee Williams

President, Delaware State University

Dear Dr Williams,

Dr. Broderick's article “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?”, in a Liberian newspaper brings shame to The University of Delaware and endangers thousands of lives. While I understand your position that a tenured professor's writings are not the University's responsibility, you have a moral obligation to publicly apologize to Liberians and repudiate his claims. A professor of plant physiology and agriculture is NOT qualified to dispute scientifically validated research in epidemiology and the biology of infectious disease.

The least you can do to avoid thousands of unnecessary deaths is to buy ads in Liberian newspapers and radio saying that he doesn't speak for The University of Delaware and his irresponsible unprofessional claims risk Liberian lives. Tell Liberians that Dr Broderick has brought shame to your reputation. Repudiate his article. Why not have qualified faculty speak for your University to those media with the facts? Offer their services with free recorded interviews and articles.

Please express your own opinion to Dr. Williams via email, letter, or start a petition.

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I also sent an email  letter to the editor of The Daily Observer in Monrovia.

Ruth, thanks for the information and the response you made. A good model. I'll send a letter as well.  

I agree. This is beyond scandalous.




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