The imperatives of sciences (for better or worse) compared to religions' to humans...

seems religions or god formatting of social structures.. leads to always worse..
or .. what? ~ the propaganda with advent of multimedia has gotten worse forsure; literally causing people to shoot others (hello that senator and the lalor guy; McVeigh; Hutaree etc..) Amazing how folks freak.. not so amazing to not connect the dots on who's to be trusted who's got no imperative kinda.. thing.. ~ megh

For humans any patriarchal god in the sky command over populations interactions may just be the last link to be free from; in the links of crime, abuse etc..
lack of imagination galore out there.. so many folks have no real imperatives and just go blindly to whatever corporation or pulpit dogmatic bs says..

their numbers are falling.. not quick enough imho
all that squandered wealth held hostage by the bigots.. lame

anyhew guess more a spit than discussion

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