I think augmented reality is a double edged sword. A great tool for those who will use it and a confusing psychological mess for those who can't differentiate reality from fiction currently. What do you think? 

Google augmented reality glasses

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Greg, "augmented reality" is a new phrase for me. I Googled it and can see how it will help in technical skills and indeed have watched videos of surgical procedures practiced and pilots flying virtual planes, and can imagine other such uses. 

Does it have the capacity to deal with social issues, such as race relations or other discriminations? When you wrote "situational awareness" did you mean you used it in interpersonal relationships? I would like to learn more about your experience with it. 

IMHO people who state they do not believe god exists, and those who profess that god does exist, say more about themselves than about any spirit world. 

I for one think AR could be a technology that completely revolutionizes civilization at a fundamental level...the information age hasn't even truly begun yet. I am actually sort of excited by the possibilities.

I don't think AR will make the religiously delusional any more so though.

Will Faithless Sophia, I too share your excitement about the potential changes taking place in cultures worldwide and hope we can learn the necessary skills before we blow each other up. Can you describe to me how you envision AR being used? 




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