A 34 ton underwater turbine is to be installed off the coast of Maine to generate electricity from the flowing of tides. It is to be operative by September 1, 2012. This is the newest of a number of projects worldwide to use ocean and river currents to generate electricity. Per the article:


O’Neill says more than 100 kinds of ocean power technology systems are being used in coastal areas of places like Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Chile and Spain....The project in Maine is just one of several across the United States that are coming to fruition after years of trial-and-error....Over the next four years, ORPC has been given a permit to install 20 turbine generating units that will provide power for 1,500 homes in the Eastport area.





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That link isn't working and I wasn't able to find it on the discovery.com web site using the search term "tidal power". A number of years ago I read that what may be a similar system was being planned for use under the Golden Gate bridge. It was probably related to this EPRI article.

It's not working for me either, it directs me to the Tech and Gadgets index page with 217 results.

I don't have the faintest idea as to what is going on. It has worked for me on two computers and one of them is an antique. It gives me an associated Discovery article. I am in the Batimore area if that makes any difference but I don't see why it would. I don't have the foggiest about it. 

I've  had this happen before, let me try it in another browser and see what happens.

Same result with a different browser... weird.

I'll re-post it.

The link is working for me. There are supposed to be a number of other tidal or river powered turbines either already in place or on the drawing board in the U.S. as well as worldwide.

Using google I found the link but it still opened to the page Tammy described. Discover killed the link. John, you must be seeing it because it's in both your computers memory already. In the mean time here's a link to Mane Tidal Power. I wonder if it'll be built. It looks like it's dead. The schedule doesn't have any dates on it except the date the schedule was assembled. The SF project never started as far as I can tell.

I found it using google too but it gave me the correct Discovery article. I posted what I got to the abstract and deleted the old link. I don't know what's going on. If the link doesn't work for everybody I will kill the whole discussion.

The link works for me and the idea is something I find quite intriguing.

The technical issues strike me as being non-trivial, though, and I imagine that they have been long since dealt with.  Things like the inconsistency of the tide and resulting issues with generating a well-controlled 60 Hertz output.  Could be they're using DC generators, then using an inverter to go to the grid.

In any case, I'll be interested in hearing how this technology works out.

Tides are very powerful, free, we have a lot of coastal area and the turbines would be on the ocean floor out of the way of everything. I wonder if the link works for Chris and Tammy now.  

it works now. I wonder what they do to protect fish. Loren, the frequency is locked in with the grid, but it has to be synched before being switched in so it has to have adjustable speed somehow. Maybe they synch it with the changing tide.




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