World's Smallest Radio Stations: Two Molecules Communicate Via Sing...

Artist's view of a single molecule sending a stream of single photons to a second molecule at a distance, in quantum analogy to the radio communication between two stations. (Credit: Robert Lettow)

The results of the study published in Physical Review Letters provide the first example of long-distance communication between two quantum optical antennas in analogy to the 19th century experiments of Hertz and Marconi with radio antennas.

Only a few meters, but what a breakthrough!

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Gee, we were once looking forward to wristwatch-size radios.

Does the above require a near-absolute-zero temperature to operate?

Yes. Just read the article. 1.5 kelvin (-272 centigrade).

Thanx, Tony. We may have a pea-size supercomputer...attached to a rather large and costly cooling unit.

Hey - that's awesome!


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