Who is More Anti-Science Republicans or Democrats?


Human beings are an egocentric, ethnocentric, emotion driven species. We accept information that supports our preexisting beliefs and ignore or discredit information that challenges them. Information confirming preexisting beliefs strokes the ego, while disputing information bruises the ego. When that which we desire to be true is met with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we revert to childlike behaviors and become upset or put our hands over our ears.

Good science is neither liberal nor conservative. Good science favors no race, religion, geographic region, or political position. Good science attempts to eliminate the natural human biases that held back human advancement for thousands of years. Information obtained through rigorous science is the highest quality information available regardless of an individual's personal experiences or beliefs or feelings relating to said information.

The position of the scientific community on any issue is merely that position for which there is the most supporting evidence at a given time. If evidence against global warming began to outweigh evidence for global warming, the position of the scientific community would shift to deny global warming. If evidence that immunization is harmful to human health outweighed evidence to the contrary, the position of the scientific community would shift to being against immunization. If evidence for the existence of the supernatural outweighed evidence validating the laws of nature, the scientific community would support the existence of supernatural phenomenon.

When my gut (ego based beliefs) conflicts with scientific evidence... I go with the evidence

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i can't say that it will continue in perpetuity, but right now it's not even close.  Republicans lawmakers, at least, are as anti-Science as it gets.

for example, scientific consensus is the climate change is real and man made.  not a single Republican congressman is willing to admit that, and it's even worse in state legislatures. 

and then there's evolution.  i've tried, but i can't find a quote of a Republican anywhere who concedes that evolution is a fact. 

how about stem cell research? or the science of abortion? or vaccines?  all Republican boogeymen.  

you won't find a Democrat holding any of those positions.  at least not today. 

and then there's evolution.  i've tried, but i can't find a quote of a Republican anywhere who concedes that evolution is a fact.

Jon Huntsman, which is one of the many reasons why he didn't have a shot in hell of winning the primary.

shit, you're right, i forgot about him.  

Considering the co-option of the republican party by the Religious Reich, it is no surprise to me at all that the GOP has become as anti-science as it has.  It's anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-evolution attitude is too much a product of the bible, which has never been about rights and knows nothing of science.

Certainly, there are exceptions to the above.  The problem is, how often does one hear a pro-science republican running for office?

As "reasoned" by a libertarian? ;)

I'm fine with Libertarianism when applied to individual citizens. When applied to capitalism, however, the end result is monopolization and the substitution of profit for nobler human values.


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