I am not a Geologist but to me, this sounds bunk. "Growing Earth Theory" is what Neal Adams calls it, in the video at one point he says that the science comunity can't handle it and that it would throw 100's of years of research out the window. To me that sounds like the classic conpiracy nut wording but check it out for yourself:


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It's one thing to present your pet scientific theory and give evidence for it.  It's another thing entirely to accuse the entire scientific of a conspiracy of silence.  Unfortunately he's discrediting himself by doing this.

The Growing Earth hypothesis is considered obsolete and replaced with plate tectonics.  It would be interesting if continents fit together in the way the video describes, and presumably there's a rational explanation for it (although I suspect his animation just kind of smooshes the edges together).  

He's basically saying, I've made this observation; expanding earth is the only explanation for it; therefore all the scientists or ignorant or lying.

The proper thing for the author to do would be to research why the growing earth theory was rejected in the first place.

I was always under the impression that the continents did fit together like that and that is what Pangaea was.
That's correct, Pangea was a giant single continent surrounded by a huge ocean (later to be the Pacific). What Mr. Adams is saying is that the outer edges also fit together on the opposite side (on a smaller planet), and there was no large ocean at all. The Pacific represents a splitting apart just like the Atlantic.

- animation from wikipedia
Okay, now I get it.  Thanks.
It is funny, before the tectonic model, lots of scientists thought the world was shrinking as it cooled.  The shrinking caused mountains, like a wadded up piece of paper.
So why do these people come up with this stuff?  It gives no information about why or how the earth would grow.  Does he just expect us to swallow this stuff because he's put together a movie showing it happen?  Why would the earth be expanding?  What would be causing it?

I read some of his comments.  It has something to do with the gradual creation of new matter at the core of the earth through a nuclear process.  It's entirely different theory of physics.

Also, the entire universe is expanding, and he thinks the Sun and planets are likewise.  He even believes he has evidence for Mars expanding.

The sun will get bigger - it will turn into a red giant and then shrink into a white dwarf. If the earth has stuff going on inside of it - it is a big magnet doing something in there - would it be possible that it was expanding?


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