I'm curious as to what single experince made a Muslim realize it was all just a lie?

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I don't know if my "moment of zen" is a special case or not ,but i had my epiphany in one of the last places a Muslim would have one .I was performing the Hajj in Mecca when i was 13 years old with my parents ,and i remember clearly that the seeds of doubt were sown in my mind at that time.I had a tough time understanding the rituals involved in Hajj, what bearing it had in a monotheistic fate etc ..that's when it made more sense that almost all the rituals performed during the Hajj are the residual customs of the ancient pagan religions of arabia.Just like any man-made religion ,a sort of syncretism arose ,incorporating the old with the new...that burst my bubble ,and i've been happy ever since......
OMG! I had almost the same thing happen to me! I was in Mecca on Omra and I saw it clearly, nothing special! So ever since I've been a Godless individual :) I was 16 so Its now been about 7 years and my life is really great like this, no guilt, no shame, no fearing going to hell. Its simply great :) On the other side, I've been reading a lot of philosophy and a diverse range of literature
My moment of realisation of Islam being a lie is a blur really. It wasn't one moment, but a variety of of situations which slowly made me doubt there was a God. I went on Umrah (kind of a prep for Hajj I suppose) and I really didn't want to go. Mainly because I didn't feel ready and had no idea what I was supposed to do there. I went anyway and though I found it exhilarating at first, I found it a bore after a while.

I also spent a lot of time by myself which made me think more about religion, politics and other matter than other children my age (I think) and then I gave up on the idea of God. Though I do still go with some rituals of Islam, more as a cover than wanting to. There have been many times when I've been wanting to shoot myself for letting myself get into that shit.
it was not a single experience . i had some doubts . a day i decided to clear my mind beliefs and ... and format it again. before that day i had given up all rituals and even most part of islam but still i had a god.
but that day i said to myself give up every thing you can return every time you would accept them by logical reason. but now i see that i have passed a one way road. you can read my full story in my blog




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