Hello every body,
I have wrote a book in Arabic supports atheism four years ago. It is known now in Arabic world. I need some one has excellent skills in English and Arabic both to translate this book. so guys I appreciate any help in this case. I am so sorry because it is not an issue for discussion, actually it is an issue to ask. thx and good luck

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well, i will be looking forward to read it my arabic is horrible though
hi... if no one Volunteered to translate the whole book, we could, all of us participate in translating...
i mean, everyone of us takes several pages and translates them, then posts the translation on the web on different Q&A websites where english proffesionals could help checking the eloquence of translation...

this way, time and money are saved and no one gets stressed....

i've many friends everywhere who could help and absolutly want to.

I myself volunteer to translate up to 50 pages... and there's an english expert I know he "will" help checking the eloquence of my translation.....
Hey, both my Arabic and English are excellent, I think I can do it. How big is the book, and is there anybody that can help me with it? I'm here in Jordan, and guess that we have to form a team for it, maybe, I'm not really sure about it. My language is good enough, but I've never translated a publication as big as a book...




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