There is a joke in our society that "There is never a good news from Mecca".
Keeping in view Islam's behaviour towards music, paintings and statuary etc. Do you think it is driest of all religions with almost an anti art approach?

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Wahabi Islam is, but you have to understand the roots of that culture; Its the bedioun Dessert in Saudi, where there was neither art nor time for art. The only form of art that was common there was poetry, thats why it became the major art in all of the Islamic ages.
Or to be more precise, Salafi Islam, before Wahabi...Basically the same though...
You are absolutely right. Only poetry...stories...nothing else.
Yah, I think there was, in Al Andalus (Spain) and in Turkey and some other examples. Of course the thing that made this possible was the culture that existed in the area next to Islam.
"but i don't know if there is a kind of islam where music has some place"

Sufi islam has a lot of place for music infact music & singing is an essential part of sufi islam . Sufi islam is found in india , pakistan . Sufi's sing qawwalis in praise of there divine teacher and god .
Beautiful! I actually have a collection of paintings depicting Mohammed, this one is a nice addition to it. If there was a gallery thing here we should put all of them up :)
I've seen these before too...what sect or time period is this?

Does it say anything in the Quran about not depicting Mohammed?

Mostly when I think of Islamic art, it can be very beautiful even if sometimes it is just abstract designs b/c of not wanting to depict that makes me think that people always find a way for artistic expression.
Depection of all living things is forbiden in islam let alone human figures. accordind to some traditions painter of living things would be asked to bring his painted object to life and when unable to do so would be punished for that. Allah(God) is the sole creator. No one else is allowed to do so in any form.
What about flowers? I've at least seen those in Islamic designs. I've also seen some Islamic paintings of people and animals. Not that I'm saying depiction isn't forbidden, either...

Aren't there some Muslims who don't believe in photographs for the same reason? I worked with a Muslim once and I think he took a picture of our cubicles. I thought that was a boring picture and weird idea...and then I realized what it was about.
Sure it is the driest of all religions with an anti art approach.
I perfectly agree with you , religious muslims think that Music is haram ( forbidden ) because it distracts belivers' attention and waste their time that should be only spent on praying to Allah, and to make it even more ridiclious, when a man sings it's okay because he's a male but when a woman do so , her throat must be cut .
As for Dancing, the case is more depressing, my mother who is a devouted muslim unlike me who left Islam since the age of 14 ( I'm 17 now ) said that Dancing is absolutely haram specially for women because when they dance many parts of their bodies will be exposed to other men ( the audience ) which a very very patheric excuse .
I think it is interesting to see art described in almost exclusively Western terms as music, painting, and statuary. There is much more to art than any of those, though I would argue that even they exist in Islam (including sculpting).

First of all, there is calligraphy, a major Islamic art form which developed from decorative depictions of the Quran. Architecture is also quite important--think Taj Mahal, for instance, or the Mezquita in Spain. Painting, particularly miniatures, is a highly developed art in Iran, and glass-blowing is a respected Muslim tradition (as is sculpting ornate ivory figures, just not of living things). Then there is music. While I am not a big fan of nasheed, there are other forms, like Sufi music, or the art music of Iran. As for dance, I would consider belly dancing a distinctly Arab form.



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