No, this is not the storyline of some Harry Porter wanna be book. This is happening for real. In any decent place something like this would probably be punished for fraud..But this is really ridiculous even though nothing better is expected of these people.

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Well,it is Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and it is Islam ,nothing is strange here .Many people still believe in witchcraft in Saudi Arabia and many other Islamic countries by the way,and it is punishable by the death penalty there .
Silly and stupid but it really happens in the 21th century thanks to the religious nonsense
You are right Mustafa. This is not the first case of this sort here either. A similar case happened here last year as well in which a woman was accused of witchcraft.
it's really sad! especially when you see family who think like this .
my brother notified the authorities about a banghali who was supposedly doing magic and weed. he didn't mind the weed much but was alarmed at the magic related material he found :S
now this banghali is a bit koo koo for believing this stuff works. but my brother isn't any saner in that aspect. although he's a smart guy but religious superstitions have become a part of his mentality . like many muslim friends i have. believing in 3ein and so forth.
that's the most ridiculous thing ever . how can people be this stupid ?


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