Mohammad, The world focus is on Pakistan. It's political democracy vs. its fundamental religious element. What are the chances for on going democracy in Pakistan, in your opinion. Is there enough passion in the Pakistani people to continue to fight for freedom?
We are all interested in your perspective.


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He deleted his profile a while ago.
Pakistan has a tradition of democracy and I'm sure that its a matter of time. Now governments need to understand culture, its the key to society and if they work on integrating the tribal culture into the urban Pakistani culture, they would sucssessfully irradiate fundemantalism. Otherwise, it will be an endless war...
I'm very hopeful though
"you people" what do you mean "you people"?.........haha, The problem is not Afghanistan it's the "holy land" Madness, that's what fuels these people. So, you can fight, or wipe out extremism in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, or any other nation where fundies are a threat but, leave their recruiting gold(Palestine/Israel Problem) unresolved and these people will always be susceptible to this kind of thing . They are also poor, uneducated, and desperate, they see the whole world moving forward and they have been left behind. The fundies use that Example to say look at how the west treats you, and refer to the Quran to show them what they get if they die fighting, and do all the other insane shit that comes with that, they go to heaven.

BTW: the same attitude here does not help the situation either: also a side effect of being uneducated


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