For those who don't yet know, the forum at the (aka COEM or CEMB) has a lot of good ex-Muslim Atheists.  It's another great way of meeting ex-Muslims online and supporting a good cause.  I urge those of you who haven't yet joined to do so.  Together we are stronger.

Some of the ex-Muslims on that forum are YouTubers like:

See also the YouTube channel:

Here is a sortable list of ex-Muslims who have joined the site:

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i joined 'em today! had a brief look at their site and a video at work. me likey!

ps. thanks for all the extra material. it's 2 am here in jordan ( on a short vacation) and i should really sleep to be able to make the breakfast tomorrow but i CAN'T!
COEM is great and an excellent support network for ex-muslim atheists. :)
^+1 :)

Just stay away from Yeezevee.
i miss Mount A Bison.

me too...




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