The month of Ramadan is upon us ,and almost 1.5 billions muslims around the world are fasting during the daylight hours.When I was younger I used to fast regularly and this month had a touch of nostalgia for me ,reminding me of the many aromas of oil fried pastries and ethnic Indian and Arabic food that my mom used to prepare for the entire family,the early morning (usually around 3 am) suhoor and the strict observance of not eating or drinking during the day.I haven't fasted in maybe 10 years ,but i still partake in the cultural aspects of the month ,cutting back (not entirely though) during the day and eating with family and friends at night.
I was wondering how everyone else felt about this month,what were the things you fondly remember ,and the aspects that you disliked...

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I remember being so excited about ramadhan, it felt like a secret to me, waking up in the middle of the night and eating and just laughing, I still like it when I wake up with my family. I hated the religious side to it though, I had to pray and sometimes I was so tired and dehydrated I felt a little wierd.

My muslim friends strongly believe that the devil is locked up in this month and that people actually become better people (not that there is any actual proof for this) and stop doing those "bad things". I think it's the way people think, they must blame something else for the bad actions they commit and for one month become what they think is "pious" and when the month is over they just continue where they left off...
Culturally I still celebrate Ramadan every year, I really love this month. Sometimes I pity Muslims for the ignorance they are experiencing, I mean what is Ramadan now; more food and more sweets and what ever happened to feeling with the poor and the needy? Really I sometimes feel like I feel the spirit of this month more than them, being an atheist! They're too busy watching TV and eating! Really sad
the thing i hate the most about the month of ramadan is that i can't go to drink anywhere in egypt..
hey! it's almost been a year to this post. and guess what it's almost ramadan again!

well what i know i'll hate about this month is the fact that i'll be smoking my ciggs in secret. i live in saudi arabia and am half saudi , i havnt really come out yet to family friends and co workers because i'll be seen as an infidel. just trying to avoid the awkwardness it would bring. maybe ill be out by next year !
Ramadan stinks. Hiding food in my room does the trick.

Though today ive only eaten a banana :D
i made a cup of coffee at work and thought : yeah , i could have a *feminine* excuse !


I had been fasted last five years back. Now I have not fast last five years and I eat in the day time as usual. In the time of day time the people who take the fast, they are very angry and lazy in the entire month. I think they are forced to fast by the community, otherwise they have to calm and quite. 60% of our community are semi atheist and they are theist only in public. 


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