For me three things about Islam I dislike most are
My mind can't except a person as my prophit who married 9 ys old friend's daughter at 53 in the pesence of dozen wives. Concept of paradise is nothing more than expression of oversexaulity.Even sex videos of today can't match it.
2-Disrespect for women
considering them half man,envloping them in clothes(fear that...), no freedom of movement(even can't visit Kaba without a mehrem), no right of divorce, alowing their husbands 4 marriges, hellworthy if disobey their husband........... Is this the religon which restored the respect of women.It makes a women property of man rather than a human being.It is better for a women to be burrired alive in the childhood than to live as a Muslim.
3-Harsh Attitudes
Got no place for music or fine art of any kind, prayer system harshest on the eath(hunger for month, 5-7 mosque visits a day), look at the hell conscept(burning in the fire, drinking pus, stinging by snakes and scorpions). This religon is definatly is a sick God's idea.

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This religon is definatly is a sick God's idea. Haha, very funny.
In all seriousness, I don't think that Islam is all that bad, its just 1500 years out of date...
We can't get away by calling it "just 1500 years out of date". It was fine if we were talking of religon dead for 1500 years. It is practiced religon of today. It means it is ideal code of millions in todays world. Most of them sufferers at its hands because of their ignorance. We got to raise our voices against it. Our scilence will only provide it strength and provide them a license to make peole suffer. Thats what Ayan Ali and Sulman Rushdi did. We need more voices to join them.
I agree with you sufian 60% and 40% goes to amer... to tell the truth there are indeed many sick ideas in islam..
Ok guys, I think that we can all learn good things from Islam, most importantly how dangerous extremism can be. We have to stay away from extreme approaches to Islamic problems, I used to think a long time ago that Islam is so bad, then I realized that its an over all state of society. Religion is only one aspect of the Islamic society that is infected, the Islamic society still needs time to catch up economically, socially and philosophically and any attempts to attack it will result in disturbing fire backs.
I agree with the problems you mentioned but the solution is in development; people then will get over Islam all together, any other way will be like the Christian reformation movement, which cost Europe a lot of blood and such method should be avoided in this modern age at all costs.
Wouldn't you expect only good from a religion? I mean people believe this is the word of god. One would expect only good. But both the bible and the qu'ran are twisted. I am just finishing "Jesus Interrupted". In this book, the author conveys the historical progression of who wrote the bible, what it was base on, and when it was written. For thirty years, that is more that a generation at that time, nothing was written down. It was spread through word of mouth. With some reflection, it should be obvious that these books were invented by man on the word of man. They have in them nothing more than 2000 and 1500 year old opinions from their time. Both books should be viewed for what they are. Editorials from the bronze age.

Islamic society is pulled down by the qu'ran. Christianity pulled down society until it was weakened by governments that began to ignore the power of the religion. Both religions are an excuse for bad people to label themselves as extremist to do bad things.

Religion is a very central part of Islamic society. How do you separate them?
Sufian people believing in Prophit's,Umer, Utman or Ali,s periods as best periods in history of mankind are trying to make shria as Law of our countries. Yesterday it was Iran, today it is my country in threat, tommorow it may be Turkey, Algria or your country. Its not question of terrorism only, we are threatened to live like people of 1500 years ago. That 1500 years old system is seriously considered workable, even as a solution to all the problems of today by fanatic believers. In my country they have control over some areas, where they have implimented Supreme Law. Killing infidels, beating women on visit to markets are common in those areas. Things are not as simple as you may call them......
The aspects of Islam which made me turn away, were simpile yet symbolic,
1. Pork in the desert 1500 years ago, not good for you. Today, not so much.
2. The Idea that killing other good people over religion IS OKAY, well, that is just crazy.
3. Premarital sex, is the only way to avoid a passionless relationships.
4. The false facts and lack there of, if the Quran is supposed to know every thing, how the fuck did they miss the dinosaurs.
5. He "God" did not flatten the Earth, its round.
6. Adam and Eve WTF, completely fictional.
7. The belief that other good, honest, and compassionate human beings will burn in hell because the follow other religions.
8. The fact that all religion, while probably well intentioned AT FIRST, IS NOW JUST A WAY TO PROMATE HATE TOWARDS OTHERS.
What made me turn away was the question of God. I suppose I wanted to feel spiritual and have the presence of God in my mind and whatever it was I thought back then. I actually had nothing against Islam then, it was only when I started to believe that God was just imaginary that i saw Islam to be pretty stupid. The prayer system really annoyed me, you had to pray if you went to the toilet, out, slept, woke, sex, entering home, leaving home, travelling...It's something only an obsessive compulsive person could accomplish! It feels so stupid that we're alive to worship when there are so many better things to do, why this game? It never made any sense, but I just used to accept it because I was afraid of something I didn't understand.


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