Oh and yes, I'm looking for another therapist.
This horrible Friday was actually the 19th, but I couldn't bring myself to blog about it until now. He is starting outpatient therapy at the ***** Psychiatric Center in **** tomorrow, at 8:00 am. Which means that I have to roust him at 7:00, which wouldn't sound bad, except for the fact that this is SUMMER (!!!) and we have no bedtime.
So, we went in for a meeting with this therapist at noon on the 19th, and ... I'm confounded - How could a mental healthcare professional be so visibly disturbed by a child who is obviously mentally ill? She triggered one of his "usual" tantrums, and the next thing I know, she's on the phone to the psych unit, arranging an evaluation for admission to their pediatric psychiatric unit. She didn't even consult with our psychiatrist. She picked up the phone and started yakking. And she expressed her lack of understanding of ADHD/Bipolar to the person on the phone. Let me tell you, I felt as if I had to go along with her: I called Xander's psych. and of course she's out on Fridays and her receptionist tells me that if this therapist recommends the evaluation, I should REALLY take him in.
SO. I spent the rest of the afternoon at the intake center, getting Xander eval'ed. Of course, by now, the fit was over and he was quite congenial with the p-nurse, or whoever she was, and she told us that we could wait and make a more clear-headed decision.
Upon consulting with his psychiatrist, we decided to start tomorrow, because we had a vacation planned for last week and we weren't gonna let that go.
So, I thought I'd blog this here, for those of you who can commiserate ...

P.S. I edited out the name of the hosp. and town I live in, no offense to anybody but this website getting kinda big and we don't know who reads all of this stuff ...

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Sorry about the rough times. Best wishes finding the right care for your family, and getting it without the hassle you've been having.
CP62.....Why would you be influenced by a person who you obviously have no faith in? Hell just find a QUALIFIED therapist and start again, psyc. hospitals are not too user friendly. GOOD LUCK...
So this woman you went to see.... she has a license why?? And why did you go to see her? Was there some claim on her part of expertise?
What a FUBAR!
I suspect that it may turn out to be a good thing in the end. Having your son assessed 24/7 for a while could be invaluable for his long-term management - and for your sanity, too.
Thanks for getting back to me everybody!
We've decided that we should just go ahead with the admissions, since no competent therapist will have anything to do with him anyway.
We start a part-time ouptatient program tomorrow, and we'll see what this brings.
"I feel you pain". I experienced something similar as the healthcare professionals were seeking to cover their own hindquarters and "play it safe" (i.e. avoid bad media exposure and litigation).
So, after three days we are making no progress whatsoever. I told them that Daniel is incredibly busy and we need to schedule meetings at least 2 days in advance, but they didn't listen, so we aren't having our first family meeting until tomorrow.
They did comment that they are seeing signs of dyslexia in addition to the ADHD, and are eval'ing for other stuff as well. However, I don't know what his moods are like over there and they've told me nothing ...
And he stayed up all night on Friday/Saturday - he wouldn't come away from the computer and I could see that he was wired out of his mind so I didn't fight him about it. We had been to a party and he drank a caffeinated beverage - that's all it takes to trigger him. He finally went to sleep at 9:30 am, after an ugly fight about why he had to kick his chair all night.
I guess I'm gonna blog this here on this thread so that it remains relatively private, and I can come back and check myself as this situation progresses.
So, just how many different disorders can one kid have? How many meds can he try?
They can't pin down a specific diagnosis, but he's showing signs of ADHD, dyslexia, and PDD now, and the Bipolar diagnosis is under question but might still qualify as a cyclothymia issue.
I suppose that there might not even be names for all the disorders that might afflict a person ... and now they want to try another med that our insurance might not even cover.
Oh, and yes - we had to terminate his WoW account and he's devastated. There is no doubt in my mind that this has been messing him up as well. I thought that we should give him a few day's warning to say goodbye to his friends, but Daniel cut him off cold turkey, and the staff at the psych center supports this action as well.
And they authorized another 5-day stay for him.
Multiple diagnosis are the norm, not the exception. This is because psychiatric and cognitive diagnoses are necessary approximations to account for a complex brain. The same thing happens in neuropsychology where someone with a brain injury frequently has problems in a number of different areas subserved by contiguous brain areas or even by brain areas which are on the opposite side of the body. No one diagnostic description suffices.

Addictions (such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, WOW) are generally best treated by "cold turkey" withdrawal.
Oh, and about the WoW - HOLY CRAP! I'm putting together a blog about how this game took over hubby's life for a year and a half. The therapist at the hospital expressly told Daniel that he had to completely cut Xander off from the game because he was obviously addicted and showing signs of psychological damage from too much game time. I just sat there and tried not to smirk, because I knew that this was a large part of the problem but was unable to influence him.
More - much more to come about this subject, unless someone else wants to post something first, to which I will heartily contribute.
My husband is also addicted to WOW. It's quite a problem. I have pleaded, wheedled and blown my top. Nothing works. Any suggestions?
It must be nice to have a kid with a diagnosable psychiatric illness.
My son just finished a two-week stint as an outpatient at a pediatric mental hospital, and they still don't know what's the matter with him. I suppose it's good that everyone over there agrees that he has some kind of a problem. That he stands apart from the normal kids. There is actually a term used by professionals to describe kids like mine: FLK, which is the acronym for "Funny Looking Kid." He has marginal symptoms of several disorders and disabilities: ADHD, Bipolar, dyslexia, Aspergers. He's been designated to the "garbage dump" of diagnoses: PDD-NOS. He needs to be evaluated by a special psychologist who managed not to be available for the whole two weeks that he was there. He needs an IEP. They changed his meds, counseled him, reassured us, and cut us loose in no better shape than when we came in.
They made a lot of money off of our insurance.


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