Xander's new therapist is a disciple of this man, who I've seen on PBS discussing the function of the brain. She wants me to have this "scan" done of Xander's brain: harmless enough until you consider the $6,000.00 fee. His psychiatrist is not in favor of this at all and feels that we can diagnose according to his behaviors alone.
Meanwhile my son continues to flounder through his little life and falls farther and farther behind the other kids.
Does anyone know anything about Dr. Amen and his system?
I'm so fucking lost and exhausted I just can't think anymore ...

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This Amen therapist insists that ADHD/Bipolar is almost non-existent and in her 17 years' practice she's seen it only once ... which is entirely contradicted by the psych. And then there are different therapists who see signs of Aspberger's and ODD and just a PDD; the only thing everybody agrees on is that he has a serious problem. And there's no means for establishing a consensus amongst the healthcare professionals, which is really kinda scary.
Regardless, it looks like I'm gonna be doing some serious driving to get to a qualified therapist.
Brian disorders frequently defy categorization. Unless you need a diagnosis to fit a category which your school system recognizes and provides services for,
I would not be concerned about finding the right label for your son's problems. The main practical use of DSM labeling is to short-circuit the task of finding the best treatment and management program - and that only works with cases which clearly fit a category or group of categories. In the end, it is all about educated guess work and some trial and error.

I would recommend that you seek out a physician-type doctor (psycho-pharmacologist) as these symptoms are likely to respond best to some combination of therapy AND medication. (Sorry, Alex, but I could not recommend services from professionals in either of our specialitities as a primary care giver in this case.)
This Amen therapist insists that ADHD/Bipolar is almost non-existent and in her 17 years' practice she's seen it only once

If she had her head out of her ass and was even remotely a LEGITIMATE researcher (i.e., paid friggin' any attention at all to the literature in her own field) then she would know of many such cases.
Just go to PubMed and seach "wozniak j".
And if you see that "therapist" again, tell her to get a rectocraniotomy.
LOL. How about a retro-rectocraniotomy?
Having revisited Amen's site I am of the opinion that a retrospective abortion might be advisable.



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