When the hospital sent me the EEg results from Sams last test a few weeks ago, I was a bit knocked over by the diagnosis attached. LGS sort of sums Sam up though, He has been labeled SI, ADHD, has multiple Seizure types, high heavy metals (which are now, a year later, all in the "green zone" on his latest Heavy Metal test- except aluminum.) Inability to sleep through the night, and is now loosing academic ground. Good kid,  with tough prognosis.

Anyone else in this boat? - Anyone else having seizure disorder problems? - I need your advice.
I have been prescribed Focalin for Sam to help him academically. His neurologist says he doubts it would increase Sam's seizures as he is doing well on the meds he is on. -He says is he has seizure activity ti somply take him off again.  I am terrified to give it to him as it says - right in the literature it states that is reduces seizure threshold and after googling -I found several parents discussing their child's first seizure event happening after initiating Folcalin.

If you have a child on seizure med I would love to know if you also placed them on ritalin, focalin, concerta or any of these sorts of meds?



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