I had no idea until a few days ago that American public schools still have legal corporal punishment in 19 states.  In all 50 states it is illegal to physically punish prisoners but not school children.  In fact there are many teachers who defend the practice.  Obviously they use it at home.  I found a petition to sign on ipetition website but there must be something more people can do to stop this abuse.  Teachers should be role models for students and families in a positive behavior not violence.  I believe Sweden was the first country to abolish corporal punishment in the schools and home.  I would like to know what you feel about this and how to stop it if you have more ideas.  Thank you.




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I have been studying this issue for a long time.  We need to get parents to understand that spanking is ineffective and that there are other ways to discipline children.  Unfortunately, there are still many parents who believe that youth today is out of control and that this is because the children are not spanked.  Of course, this is not true.  First, of course, youth is not out of control, but where there is more youth crime, it is usually in the states where most parents do spank and where the schools allow corporal punishment, not in the states where there is less spanking.

Variables are difficult to control for so you cannot assume causality, but the correlation is there.

Note that in Sweden, the spanking ban never had any criminal penalties *and* it took quite some time for the ban to be effective and for parents to learn new ways to discipline.  

Interesting article here:


It is also true that the people who oppose the spanking ban, attempt to show that Swedish children are more criminal, which is totally untrue.  Interestingly, it is immigrant children who tend to be more criminal and immigrant parents are more likely to use corporal punishment than native Swedes.

It is very difficult to find statistics on what has happened since the ban, but here is one article


In relation to the behaviour of Swedish youth, in contrast to the experience of most other industrialised countries, Durrant's figures show that since the anti-smacking ban, rates of theft, drug, or alcohol use, and suicide for teenagers and young adults have declined in Sweden, as have most offences. The one exception, a rise in reported youth on youth assaults, is thought to be the result of an increasing cultural rejection of violence with a concomitant increase in enforcement. Other work has shown no evidence of an increase in actual assaults.

Good luck in getting corporal punishment banned. It will not be easy.

Thank you for your expertise in this area of study.  I have not been able to read over your articles linked but I do plan to.  I recently saw the movie "Bully" and I do reccomend it to anyone who comes in contact with children.  It is painful to watch though.  I have recently been thinking about how the cultural acceptance of violence has influenced ignorance by protecting violence.  Recently there has been two professional football players commit suicide because of brain trauma.  How many parents will choose to pull there children out of football to protect there brains? 




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