It's been quiet in here, so here's an easy question to get some conversation going.

What do you teach? Alternately, what do you plan to teach?

I'm a band director, but thinking about adding on a general music degree.

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4-8 grade generalist. Hopefully math or science. Social studies would be good, english scares me.

I'm in an alt cert program but MAN the jobs dried up here in DFW this year. Here's hoping for next year
I went through ACP in Houston. I loved it and jobs were plentiful when I finished. Right place, right time. Even for a specialized field.

My school didn't hire many this year. Maybe something will open up at the Semester.
It's been a hard time to find jobs all over, I think. Schools here are cutting what jobs they can to save money. :/
I teach Theatre Arts. Why do you want to go for General Music?
I haven't been able to find a teaching job, and if I add a general music degree it will at least double the amount of jobs I can apply for. It's not the ideal situation, but it would make me more marketable.
I taught physics, physical science and mathematics in Minnesota for 34 years. I retired from Minnesota and moved to South Dakota where I taught physics and physical science for three more years. In Minnesota there was a strong teachers union and I was very active; in South Dakota, the teachers organization is a joke. That is the big difference between a right-to-work state (SD) and a state that recognizes unions. In South Dakota there is no bargaining - the teachers have two choices: take what we offer or resign. Is it any wonder that SD is 49th in the quality of education?

Being an atheist comes easy to someone in science. How do music teachers avoid religious music?

I have been writing articles for as the Sioux Falls Atheism Examiner for a couple of months and really enjoy it. It gives me a chance to lecture again. You can read my articles by Googling 'Sioux Falls Atheism Examiner' I have tried to put links in these posts using the add hyperlink, but the hyperlink gods cause my smoke to lay low on the ground.
That's quite the combination of courses! It's interesting to hear about the teacher's unions as well, especially since I'm so close to Minnesota. :)

I avoided religious music by not getting a vocal music degree. While it's true that religion is where music notation started, I think I'd die inside teaching religious music. There's a lot to be learned from the music side of religious music, if you can keep the text out of it. Fortunately, more secular music is being written all the time. I'm also strongly in favor of winter concerts instead of xmas concerts.

Let's see if I can throw that link in for you. I skimmed a few titles and look forward to reading some of the articles.
Nice combination! Do you have a favorite period of history?
Woo! I loved English class, but I honestly couldn't tell you anything about the parts of speech anymore.
I teach high school English and Drama in a small, conservative town - so happy to find this group!
Hooray! I grew up in a small, conservative town, and it's wonderful that you can be a good example there, even if your students don't know about your religious beliefs. :)
I teach high school Social Studies and History




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