It's been quiet in here, so here's an easy question to get some conversation going.

What do you teach? Alternately, what do you plan to teach?

I'm a band director, but thinking about adding on a general music degree.

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Nice! That's a good combination, as they often go hand in hand.
I'm a preschool teacher so my subjects are sharing, using your words, not eating the playdoh and washing your hands after going potty.
Yay! Those are awesome subjects!

I especially like the topic of 'not eating the playdoh', do they offer graduate programs in that discipline I wonder?


I have taught courses in universities and congregations on a hybrid "natural spirituality,", based on the writings of Muir, Burroughs, Emerson, Thoreau and others. This is not theology since I am a non-theist, but I draw on my past years as a minister and chaplain utilizing (uncomfortably at times) some of the old language to communicate a more philosophical/scientific/naturalistic worldview. I find people surprisingly open and receptive. From time to time I am invited to speak in a variety of congregations (I have many friends and family still in many traditions). Not being a "rabid, anti-religious atheist" but an interpreter of positive, constructive new ways of discovering meaning and relationship in the natural cosmos, I am exploring aspects of paganism that are "connectional" without the need for pantheism (drawn to the new book Dark Green Religion by Bron Taylor). It seems a great many people who enjoy my books respond most readily to Muir who emerged from a strict (even abusive) religious upbringing to re-define his god as Beauty best experienced in the "temple" of Nature. My new book, Life After Faith will be published soon and explains my emergence from faith to this "greener" appreciation for the only world we have, the secular.
Wow! You've got an impressive collection of books. I may have to look into them. :)

It's great seeing new additions to this thread and knowing there are so many of us out there teaching in so many areas!
Sounds like some interesting stuff
I'm teaching English in Indonesia. Most of my students are devout Muslims or Christians. It's a very religious country!
Sounds like a challenge!
I'm also teaching in EFL, but in Korea
I'm planning to teach high school English - got a few more years of school left to go, though. For now, I try to disseminate critical thinking in everyday life, until I have my own classes that have to hear about it whether they like it or not. :)
Nice! I was lucky enough to have awesome high school English teachers, so I'm glad you'll be one, too!




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