It's been quiet in here, so here's an easy question to get some conversation going.

What do you teach? Alternately, what do you plan to teach?

I'm a band director, but thinking about adding on a general music degree.

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I've taught freshman and senior English for sixteen years. Last year I was the CFF (Classrooms For the Future) technology coach for my high school, but I'm back in the classroom now. I'll be teaching honors English 12 for the first time next year, as well as cyber-English for distance learners. I'm kind of jazzed about it.
That sounds like fun! :) When you were doing CFF was that working with students or teachers?
I teach special education at the high school level. Specifically, I work with students who have intellectual disabilities (also commonly known as mentally retarded). The curriculum is more basic (mid/upper elementary-middle school level), and life skills centered. The students I teach are higher functioning ID. Put it this way, they come off as fairly typical teenagers (and a lot of them are), but when you work with them at an academic or adaptive level, you really take notice of their disabilities.
While subbing this year, I realized that the special ed kids are some of my favorites. :) I had to remind myself that they weren't able to do everything other kids their age can, but they were really fun to work with and full of surprises.
I work in the Early childhood education field. Right now I'm a director at a large daycare center:) It's the first time I've ever been a director before that I taught preschool for over ten years.

Eventually I want to possibly earn a PhD in ECH and Psychology. I also hope to teach early childhood classes at a university or possibly become a child/adolescent psychiatrist. I'm trying to look for a different job right now but I had to take the first job that I could. I liked working in a classroom fulltime a lot better.
I have a ton of respect for people who teach preschool and early elementary! It takes an incredible amount of patience, which I've realized I don't have. It would be great if you became a university professor! It always helps when the profs actually have teaching experience.
Visual Arts and whatever else they give me.
I'm almost finished with a degree in speech and theatre education.  I'm student teaching in Theatre right now and will switch to speech/debate in a few months.

I'm a recently retired educator from California.  I started my career in first grade and worked my up the grades to middle school where I taught a humanities core (including world religions), journalism, computer science, and drama.


I'd like to work on a coming of age curriculum that emphasizes being good without god through project based learning.  Roz

EFL - English in Korea is what I teach. At the present I'm working in a University, and also doing some private lessons out of my home as well, occasionally summer and winter english camps, and also sometimes some business english classes.

Retired Math teacher here.  Religion doesn't come up in math classrooms.


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