Hi everyone!

My husband and I will be in New Haven, CT at the end of October. He is willing to drive as far north as Maine, where we have a house to stay at, and as far south as New York City, but he doesn't want to do both in one trip. He asked me this morning where I would like to go since this will be my first trip to the east coast. I was a bit at a loss; it's not that I don't know what there is to see in that part of the US, rather it was a flood of ideas, places and images came to mind that I wasn't sure where to start. We will be there over a weekend, but that's going to be all family stuff. We're not "touristy" people, so we don't want to do any marathon run architecture tours of NYC or anything like that. Good food suggestions (locally owned a big plus for us when we travel), weekday events, heck even a good hike are all welcome suggestions!

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