I've grown quite sick and tired of living in Southern California with all of it's smog, gangs, traffic jams and all around stupidity. My neighborhood has never been the best place but now it's on the decline big time...... trust me, I've seen something like this happen before only much worse.


Anyhow, I heard Arizona was a good/wholesome place to live. My cousins/brothers live in Pinetop with their mother and that sounds like the area for me BUT I have 1 concern: My mom has Artheritis *or however you spell it* and it SNOWS in the winters there due to Pinetop being on the peak of a mountain. I don't want to move somewhere that is harsh on my moms body but I want out BAD! If she can handle it well enough and can adjust to the climate change then I'm going to insist we move to Pinetop but I don't want to force her to suffer more than she already does during cold weather. I'm caught between what I want and whats best for the person who gave me life/raised me. I'm not selfish in the least but if it comes down to it I don't think I could decide between the 2 this time!!! DX


MY SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM: Find a place thats suitable to live that is within a 3 hours drive to Pinetop. This way I could at least live close to my family and my mom wouldn't be in such pain during the winter months. This is where YOU come in Nexus. Does anyone know of a nice, semi-lively suburb near Pinetop Arizona? Someplace with an Arcade or a Movie Theater and maybe a Mall would be perfect. Not too busy but not completely dead either you know? If so I'd love to hear about it and if you could give me an estimated price range of a 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom house in that area I'd be extremely grateful. I've been meaning to do some internet searches but I'd also like to hear from residents or people who have been around that area before. Thank you in advance - Alex Tyler.

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If you'd like for your some of your tags to show as phrases rather than individual words, enclose them in quotation marks, like so: "affordable living around pinetop arizona", "blah blah", "alex moving", etc...

I think Arizona is a good, wholesome place to live if you aren't brown. I know a couple of people in Arizona, I'll point out your post to them and see what people who actually live there have to say.
Thanks Grundgetta. Yeah, I heard about their newest law.... I'm pale as the snow though so I'll be okay. Hmmmm, not for too much longer though. I got a sunburn 2 days ago so within 24 hours I should have a good base-tan.
I've lived in AZ for 8 years now: Verde Valley, Page and currently Flagstaff. Flag and Verde Valley are both about 3-4 hours from Pinetop.

Flagstaff is a college town and as such, kind of expensive for a small town, but that's a very relative term talking to someone from SoCal. We joke about the Califormication of Arizona: People moving here because it's too expensive to live in California. Anyway, I'd expect ok-apartments to be in the $700/month range.

Verde Valley is a number of little towns. Sedona of course, being a huge tourist spot, is outrageously expensive; average $900/month with average salaries around $24k/year. But the surrounding little towns can be very reasonable; Cottonwood, Rimrock, Cornville, Camp Verde.

There are plenty of other small towns between Flag and Pinetop as well. Of course here, like most anywhere I imagine, the problem is always that discrepancy between how much you make versus how much more an apartment costs. Me; I live in a beater RV off the grid. LOTS of national forest/BLM in Arizona and Flagstaff is surrounded by it. Makes it much easier for us homeless hobos living off the grid!

As for weather, elevation is the indicator. Flagstaff does get real winters at 7,000 feet, but just slightly less harsh than Pinetop which is like 8,500. You get out of the elevation like in Verde Valley and it's still cold in the winter - right around freezing, not a lot of snow, but there can be cold snaps down to zero. But Summer, plan on 100 degree temps.

If you truly need to be out of the cold altogether, Phoenix. But a lot more humid and well over 100 every day in the summer. Don't know about your mom but for me, humidity is more of a culprit on my joints than cold. Flag and Verde Valley and most everything in between is very, very dry.
Thank you for the information Jo, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. My mom lived in Flagstaff in the 80's for a few years so I think she can re-adapt to the weather. For her it's the cold or if it gets really cold then really hot within 48 hours like it does here in SoCal sometimes, more frequent these days for some reason.

Personally we're not moving due to the costs of living, we want to move because SoCal is just well.... a giant piece of crap to us. My grandparents have had this house paid off for 35 years or more. My grandpa bought it all on his own as a honeymoon present to my grandma, he was best person I ever knew and ever will know. As much as this house means to me though a lot of memories go with it............. some good, some bad and others I dare not speak of let alone type/write about.
Noticing your age on your profile, if you're thinking college, Flagstaff is a college town. The local community college is very good, very inexpensive, and works hand-in-hand with Northern AZ University.

But whether you're thinking of going to school or not, college town has its perks, especially in this red state. Flag is one of two cities in Arizona that immediately voted NOT to enforce SB1070 (Arizona's new breathing-while-brown, shittiest immigration law ever). Arizona may be a red state, but there are lots of little pockets of sanity!
"community college, very good, very inexpensive" - MUSIC TO MY EARS! But first I still need my ID so I can get my GED which I'm sure I'll get on the first go.

What is a "Red State" though? If that means it's got a lot of Rednecks I think I'll fit in... lived in Kentuckey before and loved it.
Red States are states that traditionally elect conservative or Republican candidates. It comes from Tim Russert's analysis of the 2000 presidential election, where he marked states in red for Republicans and blue for Democrats.
Oh is that all? Eh, I don't vote for any party anyways so it's all the same to me. I personally don't care much for politics because every politician is a conartist by trade, I'd just vote for who I think is the most suited and trained for the given task. In fact... I need to sign up so I can vote. I can't even believe I finally can.




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