I'm looking for some links to resources that atheists might find useful for travel. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Didn't know about the Atheist Alliance International Travel Club. That's a good tip!
Not a suggestion for resources, but a suggestion for the group that would seem out of place on the comment wall.

You might want to adjust the number of discussions that can be viewed on the front page of the group in the Discussion Forum. If you click on "edit", then "Show X items", you can adjust it by how many you want that area to show.
Thanks. This is my first group, so I'm kind of winging it.
You're welcome. There's a learning curve to everything.
Is there a good number to start with?
In my groups, I set the number to maximum so that people can see as many discussions as possible. There might be reasons not to do this, possibly aesthetics.
When I was traveling, I found a lot of groups to hang out with on Meetup.com. People who were traveling would contact me through that to set up something with our local group.




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