We are moving back to Kansas soon taking I-70 across Middle America.  We are planning on stopping in Dayton to see the Air and Space Museum.  My daughter gets car sick, so we are planning on lots of stops.  What is there to do along I-70 between Dayton and KC?  I plan to stop in St. Louis overnight to visit friends. We'll probably be stopping in every state along the way.  Thanks!

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Is this a picture of it? If my child has to vomit, this would be a good stop. LOL! Where is the giant naked leg sundial? That sounds more appealing. So big. So white. So tempting to spray paint:

See you later!
-- Satan
I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but the St. Louis Science Center is a nice place to burn some energy.
My daughters are 7 and 3. I had planned on taking them to the Science Center and maybe the Arch. They might find going to the top of the Arch scary though.
Going to the top of the arch scares the beejeebies out of me. Claustropbia city.

The arch grounds and the museum in the base of the arch are cool, although your girls might be too young to appreciate it.

I bet they would love "city museum". It's downtown and is great for young kids. It was my kids favorite when they were younger.
St. Louis definitely has some great stuff for kids. I was wondering what there was to do in Illinois and Indiana. I've driven through there on I-70 a few times and all I remember was boring farmland.
Does that take you anywhere near Louisville, KY? Churchill Downs has a nice walking tour that's not too long.
Sorry, we're not going anywhere near Kentucky. After living in WV for 15 years, I pretty much feel like we've seen all the really good scenery around here. I haven't been to Churchill Downs though.




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