It looks like Atheist Travel is one of the fastest growing groups on Atheist Nexus. As our membership grows, the likelyhood of there being new and interesting ideas and information that YOU can provide also grows. What did you do, and where did you go this Summer? Attend a conference like TAM? Visit any natural splendor? Check out any woo-woo sites like haunted houses or Indian burial grounds? Did you take part in any research that took you to parts previously unknown?

Inquiring and skeptical minds want to know!

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I don't know if it counts as travel in the traditional sense, but...

I work seasonally and live out of my motorhome. Went to Flagstaff Arizona intending to spend a couple of weeks while getting knee surgery then go back to my Summer job at Lake Powell. Except the Summer job fizzled.

A couple hundred applications and still no job with the Park Service anywhere else.

In a snap decision I figured, "I'm in a college town; let's go back to college."

So anyway, my few weeks passing through Flagstaff is now going on 6 months and will very likely be a year ... until hopefully Summer will find me a new Park Service gig elsewhere in the country.

Part of why I'm doing the seasonal-gig thing is because that's just the kind of job I seem to do best in. But another part of it is that I do indeed love to travel, explore new places, little towns, local flavor, natural wonders. With the motorhome I can simply take my 'house' with me wherever I go!

I'd never spent much time in Flagstaff before this, so it's pretty new to me. Not a very big college town, but definitely a college town. Especially with Arizona being such a red state, it's nice to find a haven of higher learning and hippie environmentalist types. Definitely not hard to find organic produce 'round here and downtown is very nostalgic-historic. There are no suburbs to speak of or even that gradual transition from city to rural as in many places. I park my RV out on national forest land which surrounds the city. Pristine camping spot to school is 10 miles.

If ever anyone visits Arizona thinking it will be all flat, hot desert and cactus, come spend some time at 7,000 feet in pine forest and in the shadow of our 12,000 foot volcanic peaks! Haven't had a chance to do it yet but I know there are places here where you can hike through lava and ice tunnels. Plus a lot of Native and Pioneer history and the Lowell Astronomical Observatory.
You're also not far from the Meteor Crater. Check it out. It's an amazing sight. I've seen it twice.
I was in Panama City this past weekend, but I didn't have any free time. I was there for my brother-in-law's pinning. He was promoted to Major in the Air Force. The promotion ceremony was full of God and Jesus references, and the invocation was given by a Southern Baptist minister from my BiL's church.
Welcome to the rural West.

Ya damn Yankee.
At the end of the summer I went to Denmark to see my dad. I felt kind of "meh" about it b/c how could Denmark be more exciting than India? And I historically didn't get along too good with him. I ended up having a blast! The Danish countryside was very beautiful. I went on lots of nice hikes, and Nexelo Island was the most beautiful hike I've ever been on...I took a ferry to the island and then walked around. My stepbrother and his family came by and invited us to stay with them a few days in Copenhagen, which was also great b/c I wanted to ask them but I felt like I didn't know them very well! We got a good idea of what Denmark was like.
My wife and I spent a week in the Ft. Lauderdale area this May. We visited an excellent butterfly park north of Ft. Lauderdale. Lots of great science-y stuff to see and do.




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