Last night on TV was an interesting show called "The Recruits" which followed a group of Australian Police Recruits going through training school.

It was quite enjoyable watching some of the subtle and not so subtle difference between my experiences in the UK and there in Oz, but.....

...I was a little shocked at the passing out parade, and here's why. During the parade, the sergeant shouted out the command "Bibles Out" and EVERY recruit pulled out a small Bible from their jacke pocket and recited thier Oath of Office, which ended with the words"so help me God" (I capitalize here because it's clearly the Christian god.

Now...I simply would not be able to do this either meaning it or as a symbolic/traditional reading, whould that mean I would not pass out of the college? and what if you were of another religion would there be discrimination there too?

Are there any Australian Police Officers on here (or does anyone know of one) from whom we can find out?

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