Just a quick question to those officers out there:

Have you had any problems when entering the witness box to give evidence as an officer?

Just to give you some background. In UK courts when you get into the box the court usher asks you what your religion is and then hands you the appropriate holy book and oath to read, if you say none you get no book and you simply read the affirmation.

Only once did I get a slight sideways look from teh usher who had the Bible ready for me as I stepped up in full uniform and almost simultaneously asked me my religion and passed me the book, and when I said none he looked a little shocked. I have given evidence so many time now and in the UK it really isn't an issue, but that one occasion sticks out in my mind!

Cheers all.

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Well, in the US the clerk just blows out the little statement so fast it sounds like someone pulling a zipper. Sometimes its him who says "So help me god" sometimes its the secretary who doesn't. Either way I say I do and head for the stand. As I said in the other post, no need to rock the boat, its about convicting the guy, not personal opinions or beliefs.


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