Okay, so I just ordered 2 lbs. of (EF) red wrigglers. :-)
Now what? hehehe. Only slightly kidding.
I know I need newspaper (shredded), a large plastic bin with a lid and holes near the top.
I know I need the newspaper to be damp but not soaking wet. And I know I need organic kitchen scraps (in no short supply around here).
What can I do to prepare for my new arrivals?
How big of a bin will 2 lbs. of worms need? Will I need more than one bin?
Where do you keep your worm bins?
Anything I should know or keep an eye out for as far as the general health of my worms/compost bin(s)?

I also plan to eventually set up to make "worm-casting tea" for my garden as well. Anyone here done that? Any advice on that?

Any advice, thoughts, stories, things I'm forgetting or simply don't know, would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting from scratch here with only a small amount of knowledge and a lot of interest in doing this right and having lots of good worm compost for my garden this spring.


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I did not see this posting before now, sorry, how did you do after your worms arrived, did you gt all the answers you needed?




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