My name is James and I am a 32 year old author from Alabama. I write fantasy stories and currently have a short story published. It is called "The Catacomb Dungeon." I look forward to conversing with other writers who just happen to be atheists as well.

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Welcome to A/N and good luck.  You can click on the ad to the right under "Atheist Novel."  It's also quite a fantasy but it's based on an actual scientific theory, Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene.  Is your work published on line anyway?  I'd be glad to take a look at it and perhaps discuss any technical questions you might have.



Thanks for the welcome and yea my book is published online. You can find it on Amazon or through my publisher at I welcome any discussion about my work. I always want to grow as an author and as a person. Especially with that one being my first.


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