This group does not seem to be very active, and I was wondering if anyone was working on a book, essays, articles, and so forth.  Does anyone need a pre-publishing critique?  

I finished my first book recently (see before I had joined the site, and one of the struggles I had was getting honest feedback on my writing.  I would be glad to help out anyone who would like a second set of eyes on what they are doing.

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I'm working on a book, but it isn't at that stage yet. I am concerned about finding a good writing agent though. Is your book self-published? I haven't seen it in bookstores.
I sure do—need a critique. Reviews on Mirror Reversal have been mixed, so I don't know what to think. I haven't written anything in quite a while, but I've been very ill and living in pain. I face a major surgery next week which I hope can get me back on track.

The interesting thing about Mirror Reversal is that it does not belong to any genre. I made up my own, which I call quirky adult fiction. I cared nothing about sales or the reader; it's a unique book that was written purely for self expression. I hope that would make the book sincere and unhampered by commercial considerations.

Also, the novel was written before Sam Harris' End of Faith. I wanted to warn people about the danger of orthodox religion. If you could read some of the reviews, I'd be glad to send you a free copy. I have extras.

I looked at you website and have a question: Atheism does not imply belief in humanism. If there's no god, what the heck else is there other than mankind?

Here's a favorite line of mine from MR: "Religion, the government and Big Business are leading mankind into an abyss." With the Gulf of Mexico turned into a toxic cesspool, I see my words coming true and I can only watch helplessly.
Good luck on your surgery, by the way. I hope it helps.

I checked out your book on Amazon- looks like a fun read. Yes, I would have to agree watching our government in action is like watching a very slow train wreck, and what do we have to look forward to, Sarah Palin? I would laugh if I wasn't crying.
Joe, let's exchange books. I have some extra copies of Mirror Reversal. We can exchange mailing addresses by email. Mine is

Check out my review of Man Made God by Barbara G. Walker on Amazon. Good book for an atheist.
Regarding is my book self-published, yes it is. I went to several publishers, but there is this marketability issue they have- they expect to make money off it, and without other academic credentials, it is hard to sell a book of this genre. I figured since I had it written, I would give it a go self publishing, and if I have any success at all, I could then pitch it to a real publisher.

Regarding Atheism does not imply belief in humanism, atheism is merely a lack of belief in God, whereas humanism implies one values the human being. Just as there are religious people with no regard for the individual, there are atheists who do not live by humanistic principles. Specifically, atheism is a belief in a state of being(the nature of the universe), while humanism is a value system, so the meaning of the two do not overlap. One can be a theistic-humanist (common among deists). Atheism does not make you a better person, but humanism does.
Thanks, Joe. I will bear that in mind when I get going on my opus again.
Having just started back to college for a second degree, I am and will be working on many a report, essay, homework assignment. Hey, writing is writing.

And getting re-inspired for some other back burner projects.
By the way, for anyone looking into self publishing, Amazon provides direct eBook publishing for the Kindle, you set the price, and no conventional publisher involved. Although you still need an editor to make it look professional, it is the quickest and cheapest route to publishing.
I recommend staying away from companies like iUniverse, which is out to sell services to you, not your book to readers. It gets very expensive, and what looks like a complete package at $2000 ends up costing you about three times that amount. And very few books will ever recoup that cost.
It is free to upload a book for the Kindle, you make more in royalties (30 or 70 percent) than you would on a hard-back through a regular publisher (10 or 20 percent) and then it is up to you to market it, which is the same if you pay the big bucks to self publish.
Thanks for the tip. I signed up on smashwords and seems like it is quite a good deal (as in free!) I also used Amazon's DTP (digital text publishing) for the Kindle, which is also free, and within 36 hours my book was up on Amazon.
Hello! I'm new around here. Joined the group to meet others who love writing and who also happen to be godless heathens, as well. ;)

I'm currently working on a science-fiction trilogy entitled "Glitch". It's a rather long and complicated story about two central characters who are inter-dimensional travelers. Right at the moment I'm about half way through writing the third and final book of the series. It's not my best work, but I really do think it's quite a lovely story. I usually work in a more "fantasy" setting, so the more technical sci-fi is a bit of a departure.. There's definitely a learning curve.

I have written a non-fiction book on free will vs determinism and am looking for a literary agent or publisher sympathetic to atheistic writing. Does anyone have any ideas or contacts (particularly in the UK, but anywhere to be honest!). Feel free (pun intended) to give some friendly advice!



Am working on this:

Feedback is appreciated.




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