For some time I was an active member here at A|N--a regular contributor to several groups--until, at a certain point (in May 2010, in fact), I decided that the time I was spending online was keeping me from the work I needed to do. 

I needed to finish drafting my sixth novel.  And then work on revisions.  Now, after more than five years and 30 drafts, the novel is in print (advance copies are out to all the major reviewers) and will launch officially at the Brattleboro Literary Festival in Vermont on Oct. 4.  The book is already getting some attention, and it stands to viewed as controversial in some communities because the villains in the world of the novel are oppressive fundamentalists.  We'll see.

Anyone here at A|N who likes fiction will enjoy this book, I think.  For a peek, the curious may visit the book at Amazon (as long as you're not averse to giving Amazon the traffic) and use the "look inside" function.

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It'll be amusing to see how your book gibes with my own Polly!, about a god that I, as an atheist, wish existed. Probably not at all alike. Good luck with your book, and I wish you many royalties.,

Thanks, Stephen!  Yeah, I'm sure our books are very different.  There is a certain tipping point after a novel's release that helps to determine whether sales will persist and increase or whether it will die in the onslaught of all the new novels clamoring for space on the shelves.  I'm working the publicity angle hard this time out, hoping to give POLLY a long life.  The book and its message deserve it.

Again, best of luck!




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