To my mind religion is the worse thing that ever happened to mankind. Sure, it converted the Vikings to civilization, but it also repressed and stifled knowledge that kept humanity in the Dark Ages until now and maybe centuries to come. As long as women are forced to wear a burka, humanity remains enthralled.

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Neat. Which atheist magazine? I check it out.
Upcoming issue of American Atheist magazine. I believe it will be in the March 15 issue.
Okay, thanks. I'm not too sure about that "but the sword" line. Our Lord Jesus was the Prince of Peace, like in the Crusades.
Hi Richard, I know you are kidding. Well done -- Prince of Peace "like in the Crusades."

But for other readers out there who might not have read the words of god, gentle Jesus, prince of peace proclaimed he "came not to send peace, but the sword" (Matthew 10:34). Tip of the iceberg, there is so much more evil and BS in the ancient texts.
"came not to send peace, but the sword" (Matthew 10:34)

Thanks for the reference. And I went to Catholic School.

Even in high school I often asked myself why did the Lord have to set an example of violence when morally offended. He brutally whipped the money lenders and merchants for doing business in the temple and yelled nasty epithets about “a house of prayer.”

I figured, even as a teenager, that He could have at least been as pacifistic as Buddha or Confucius, and they preceded him by hundreds of years.

He could have changed the world for the better, not the worse.
Hi Richard - I couldn't reply to your comment below (there was no link) so I'm replying up here. Yes, there are many violent, racist, foul works and deeds supposedly said and committed by Jesus, right there in the NT, that your typical priest or Sunday School teacher is not going to point out. People tend to thing the OT is the "violent one" and the NT is the "good one." I heard Lewis Black say that exact thing. I have a reborn christian friend who goes to bible study; I asked her about some evil edict in the OT and she said "Oh, well Jesus came along and changed all that." I didn't bother pointing out exactly in the NT where Jesus, in fact, agrees with that particular evil edict.
Mike, I don't have a link either. I think we can only reply a few times on any particular comment.

About your friend, how frustrating it is to see them so conditioned and brainwashed and there's little we can do about it. There are build-in defenses that are hard to penetrate. She might see you as an "occasion of sin" or evn worse.

Which "evil act" did Jesus condone? I suspect it was stoning some unlucky lady for having one too many boyfriends.
Hi Richard,

I agree, "brainwashed" is the operative term. The evil act in question was the Hebrew law allowing parents to kill their child if he or she is disobedient (Jesus agreeing with Deuteronomy 21:20-1). This is not an isolated incident of his intolerance and injustice. Jesus was not a gentle fellow; he never does he speak against slavery, for example.
Do you plan to try to decondition your friend? Just think of all the wasted time, money and energy spent on saying futile prayers and going to fashion-conscious masses.

Try presenting her with outlandish, ridiculous beliefs, like: Do you really believe Eve was created from Adam's rib. C'mon?

Or, Noah captured 20,000,000 species to put on the ark.

Jonah lived in the whale's belly for three day, right?

There's a million of 'em.
Good point, Richard. Honestly she is one of the smartest people I know. Very smart. She really doesn't buy into the OT, believes the NT stories are compatible with evolution, but hasn't taken a critical look at what I call "Evil Jesus" and also "mythical Jesus" (which writer of the 1st century recorded even one sentence about the Christ? Nobody). Nor does she see the infinitely malevolent blackmail in the cult: Believe, worship, contribute... or god will torture you for all eternity. This is its essence, a cult so obviously manmade and destructive. As George Carlin said, "But he still loves you."

Don't get me started. D'oh! I'm already started.

Good point on these: while Jonah is an OT story, as well as Noah, and Adam and Eve, your point still actually applies to any Christian: Jesus actually BELIEVES all of that nonsense including Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt. "Jesus came along and changed everything" is what they taught my friend in Sunday School. I would love to take 15 minutes as guest speaker and play the part Christopher Hitchens got to play against the Vatican when "Mother Theresa" was to be canonized. Devil's advocate, gladly pro bono.

But my friend, this woman, isn't about to Kill her child in offering to god (as Dena Schlosser did in 2004) or murder a friend upon discovering he's atheist (as Arthur Shelton did, also 2004) or kill her children for posessing demons (as loving mother Banita Jacks, did, 2008).

At least I hope to Zeus not.
Don't get me started lol

It's amazing how we're on the same page. I don't make any OT/NT distinction because it's all one book that's supposed to be the word of God. In the beginning was the word and Christ was the word, and the word was Good—something like that.

How about Revelation? That’s NT. That’s gotta one of the weirdest, freakiest, bad LSD trips, ever written. Ask her if she believes the Four Horsemen are coming to infest everybody with worms and frogs and turn all the rivers into blood.

A historian/writer friend of mine did some great research on the Inquisition. She estimates eight million tortured and murders over the centuries—three quarters were female and many under the age of 12. At the end of it all, Barbara G. Walker says it was all a giant extortion racket to keep high clergy members living voluptuous luxury. Once accused, that’s it. Property is confiscated immediately and perhaps one percent beat the rap.

One of the theses of Mirror Reversal is we’re still living in the Dark Ages. In Nigeria, I heard on the news of a “priest” who goes around exorcising devils out of kids. He killed 110 “recalcitrants” (my word, not the news) last year alone. It’s a pretty sick way to use population control in an overpopulated country with the church forbidding the use of condoms and birth control centers. Population is over sixty million in an area about the size of Texas.
Yes, Richard - and Martin Luther despised the book of Revelation. Jesus predicted the end times "within a generation" -- so far he's off by about 2000 years. How could he be wrong?

I've got Barbara Walker's book too (Women's Ency, you mean?). Yes, the Catholic Church was run by selfish, evil men up until recent years (can't be too sure of recent years too). They were in on the Holocost, and Christians murdered 750,000 Croatians during WWII because they wouldn't convert to the Catholic Church.

I've heard about those priests in Nigeria too. As Bill Maher said at the end of "Religulous," the world has to GROW UP.

These are the reasons I write a lot of the atrocities of religion, not to mention the idiocy of the inherent superstitions, and contradictions within the "perfect" text. Most people just don't know of all the violence and evil it has brought.


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