I'm getting scared reading about the importance of grammar. I' m wondering how many writers get it down first and correct the grammar after? I can't help relating its purpose to musical notation; breves semi-breves timing pauses for breath before the next run of notes as in the next sentence etc...
I was well educated at school but only stared to write in the last few years doing reviews on Amazon. What I really need to do is scratch up but I don't feel I need more than I have. For last 35 yrs it has all been about a musical immersion- playing dancing and listening ( even dating ! ) I actually don't like texting. I prefer pen and paper because it is similar to pencil on paper drawing and I can't paint. Incidently just where iz the comma box on my kindle-fire?
I think rhthym is important in writing.Not the predictable kind but apt to the flow of the sentence or paragraph or even to the author's voice.
Sorry to bore you with a load of stuff you may have learnt in a creative writing class. If you have or appreciate the musical dimension inherent in writing-your feed-back would be stimulating.

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Write from your heart, just let the words flow.  Then go back and make it beautiful.

When I wrote The Religion Virus, I typically wrote twice as much as what ended up in the final version.  The trick is to get your ideas and flow first, and then focus on conciseness, crafting good sentences and correcting grammar and punctuation.

And by the way, there's more to writing than grammar and punctuation.  Strunk & White should be your grammar and punctuation bible, but Artful Sentences by Virginia Tufte should be your sentence bible.

I'm in the middle of a second edition of The Religion Virus right now ... mostly to correct grammar, punctuation and make some sentences more artful.  It was my first work and I didn't have an editor, and now that I've honed my writing skills I'm no longer satisfied with the first edition.




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