What the hell was David Duchovny doing that was so important during season 8 and 9?

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Sad thing is all that is probably common knowledge that you didn't have to look up.
Persephone I love the x-files and all and I even caught a few episodes while it was being aired but you're ten times the fan I'll ever be.
I heard that he wanted to spend more time with his family, and anyway hated pretty much all of the cast and crew of XF.
I saw an episode of that show of his at some point ("Californication"). One episode was enough.
Duchovny being an a-hole on the set is still news to me. I hadn't heard about it till now.
It's a shock about Gillian Anderson because I thought she named her kid after an episode and had some of the people from the show at her wedding. Anyway I'm sure you'll set me straight. Why bother looking stuff up when we've got Persphone as our moderator?
I think the episode was named after the kid, not the other way around?
Yeah I think Gillian Anderson's pregnancy was the worst thing to happen to that show because it more or less gave birth to the alien conspiracy and trying to cure Scully's cancer and getting the implant out.

It's kinda weird to hear how flighty Gillian Anderson was though. I'm not living in a fantasy world or anything but she's very different than the character she played and based upon that information I kinda prefer Scully over Gillian Anderson.
I am king of the snark

Got that right there's not an ounce of snark in you. You're just too darned nice... which I kind of like. You're a real pleasant person. If you start turning into me that's when you should start getting worried.




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