I actually did like Dogget and Reyes. If they had decided instead of canceling the show recast it with Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish I still would have watched it. Now I know what you're saying season 8+9 sucked but I think that had more to do with the content not the characters.

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Yeah I like Richard Patrick in almost everything he's ever done, but really I don't think you can defend From Dusk Till Dawn 2. I caught like 20 minutes of it long ago on the Sci Fi Channel and couldn't bear to watch any more of it.

What's wrong with Annabeth Gish? She was like a younger more brunette Scully with longer hair. What's not to like? Yeah her acting was a bit stiff but she's still hotter than Gillian Anderson and less religious.
Yeah I know Richard's a singer which is why I underlined it. I like Filter a little bit more than I do Dogget.

I guess no one could connect with Dogget and Reyes enough to really care if they hooked up. And for once I can agree with you the romance between did kinda come out of the middle of nowhere.
Usually am but this time I was being sincre... don't worry that doesn't happen often.

Can you really tell me you don't indulge in the awesomeness that is Filter? Hey Man Nice Shot was even featured in DPO(3.03). I remember because although I'm a fan at one point I hadn't seen every last episode and I caught a rerun on TNT and I remember myself saying wow this is a weird episode, not only does it have Filter but it also has Giovanni Ribisi.
Oh you have the Songs to the Tune of X? So do I. I picked it up years ago seeing Danzig and Filter and Rob Zombie on it... I wasn't too impressed. But I really think Short Bus is the best, I even still listen to it on occasion. Take Jeffrey's word on this but that album is great start to finish.

Ribisi also did backwoods redneck well too.
Doggett was... alright.
I didn't really like the stuff about his son; it seemed too similar to Mulder's thing with Samantha.

And yes, a lot of the crappiness of S8-9 had to do with the horribly-written episodes. Every now and then, a good episode would come along, with Doggett and Scully in the leads, and you wouldn't even miss Mulder at all. Unfortunately, that only happened a couple of times.

Reyes... she seemed to have this same concerned expression in every single episode.

Didn't like the romance between them either. It was so fast and seemed unfair towards M&S.
Hmmmm so what Dogget could do better?

I dunno guys I think 8&9 had some salvagable episodes.
Via Negativa(8.07 which was just plain weird and scares the hell out of me.)

Okay so 9 just plain sucked.
I agree. I like both of them as well. Most of us don't like to see characters that we become attached to leave a show. It is almost like a loss in some respects. But the way they did it, I mean the transition, seemed natural. Plus Scully still got to work on the cases.

Don't you think Reyes was a lesbian? That episode where she took Scully out to the country to have her baby, and to protect it, she was all like "You look so beautiful right now.", and I was thinking: muffdiver!
Ron White claims we're all bi curious.
Nope I like him and everything I like is absolute awesomeness.
I don't know about that. I thought single women just called pregnant women beautiful as kind of an ego boost or some kind of bonding thing. But I must admit the idea of Scully(minus the pregnancy) and Reyes together is ummmm exciting




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