oh yeah gotta go with Seth Green on the very second episode(Deep Throat) of the series, or the first if you're not counting the pilot.

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From Jose Chung's huh? Yeah that definitely was a weird guest star.
I don't think most men would agree with me, but I think Seth Green is totally hot! Did you ever see him in Party Monster, about the club kids murder? He played the fem club kid James St. James, and it was based on his book Disco Bloodbath, which was about Micheal Alig's murder of a Angel Melendez. Did you catch him in the recent episode of Heroes?
Yeah, that's where I first came across him, in Buffy. Never seen Entourage, and I don't know about Robot Chicken.
Yeah you're right I definitely don't find Seth Green attractive.
I meant gay guys! Ha!
Guess I wouldn't be a very good homosexual. Thanks for destroying my dreams man!
Who knows, we might be able to make a good cocksucker out of you yet!
only if I get to wear clown makeup while I'm doing it. I don't take myself serious as a heterosexual why should I take myself serious as a gay man.

I'm still not sucking Seth Green's dick.
I'm gonna make you eat that fuckin' clown makeup, you filthy whore! Take it bitch!
Now it's getting too weird even for me.
But I'd much rather mock my sexuality and make gay jokes. Why would you want to rob me of that?
Yep I'm saving that one for christmas when I don't have shit else to do.




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