oh yeah gotta go with Seth Green on the very second episode(Deep Throat) of the series, or the first if you're not counting the pilot.

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Yeah didn't she do stunts for Scully and play the red-headed agent in Fight Club?

What are the episodes where they show her as Skinner's ass(istant)?
Amazing that they were able to cast her in so many different roles and no one noticed.
Oh yeah I loved Luke Wilson in bad blood. When he had the teeth and all. Call me crazy but I always like him more than Owen. Luke just seems a little more down to earth.
I'm more texan than anything but I am a cultural mut. Born in Kansas, lived in Illinios, Denmark, and Virginia. Texas doesn't have many claims to fame though. We've got Bill Hicks, Pantera, The Wilson brothers(although I'd say they went hollywood a long time ago), Joe Bob Briggs, the Toadies,(sigh) Vanilla Ice, (sigh)George Bushand most recently Tommy Lee Jones aired a commercial about the shale. And not to mention the best thing to come out of the lone star state since Shiner Bock Jeffrey Hart. So mostly shit most of the world has never heard of or didn't know came from Texas.
<---------- doesn't like country music

I have lone star pride but apparently I'm just not as good at looking stuff up as you and I've just been living in this damned state for far too long.

Something's rotten in the state of denmark. I was only like two. My father was stationed there. I don't really have any memories of it but I do know it was the happiest time of my mother's marriage.




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