I recently watched The X-Files: I Want to Believe. It was a lot better than I had expected. Even though the characters had progressed considerably (and I like how they had progressed), it reminded me of the older episodes of the show. I hope they make more TheX-Files movies like this one.

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I wanted to like IWTB so badly, but I just couldn't embrace it. Scully was whiny and Mulder felt old and the plot left so much to be desired. The whole thing just felt slapdash to me. That said, I did appreciate some of the character interaction and I was THRILLED when Skinner made an appearance. I just wish they had made more use of him.
I didn't think Scully was any more whiny than usual, but Mulder did look old. I don't buy him living out there in the country by himself either. It was too much surrender for him, I thought.

I was glad to see Skinner, too. He is actually not my type at all, as I never go for guys like that. However, I always thought he was rather sexy because 1.) he is a strong man, and 2.) he has such integrity. He is alwasys doing the right thing even if he knows it will get him into trouble, and he really cares for his agents. That is just a huge turn on in a way. I liked the episode too with the succubus where you get to see him in his tighty whities, or is it tidy whities.
You think Scully is whiny in general? The Scully I knew and loved would not take shit from anybody and was always ready with an answer. This Scully was definitely lacking that sass and resilience.

Actually maybe that was the point, to show them beaten down from being in hiding... But then what's the point of bringing them back for a second movie?

And yes, I love how Skinner always puts it on the line for those two, definitely hot.
Well, maybe I'm not using the right word. You are absolutely right about Scully, of course. However, she was always the one who was more emotional, and sometimes filled with self-doubt about what to believe or ideas to embrace, and she was frequently riding Mulder's ass about something. So maybe whiny is not the right word, but do you understand what I mean?
No, I certainly understand what you mean, and I do feel there was a contrast. During the run of the show Scully was constantly on Mulder in an effort to help, to correct, to reign in, to balance out, to understand. In the movie it just came off as sad nagging.
Sad nagging - well put. But I still totally love her!
I know, my love for Scully will never die.
Well, that's true about Mulder, and while Scully was certainly more rational at times -- and more stable -- it seems to me that she was the one who was often in more internal turmoil over the clandestine betrayal of the conspirators (which basically didn't surprise Mulder as much, as I think he expected it, though it did frustrate him). And Scully would sometimes get mad at Mulder, but not vice versa. She also seemed to struggle with her emotional responses to situations. Did anyone ever notice how many times she would not answer a direct question?
I think by emotional, we mean conflicted. Mulder's convictions and goals were (for the majority of the show) always clear. Scully had that constant internal struggle between skeptic and believer...

And I don't think Scully was a nag until the second movie. Before that, it was just good, old-fashioned corraling.

Ugh, I miss this show so much.
You so good, girl!!!

Yeah, conflicted is a better word. I miss it too, though before Mulder left there was a string of really bad episodes that just got dumb. I think the writers were struggling with ideas.

Ever watched Fringe? I'm not wild about it, but it does seem to be trying to fill the void left by X.
Before Mulder left, they were scrambling for ideas to make the departure plausible; I'm still pissed at David Duchovny for bailing. We did NOT need seasons 8 and 9, just season 8 with Mulder, end on a high note.

I don't watch Fringe, and I'm afraid to commit to anything with Joshua Jackson in it that's NOT Dawson's Creek. I hear good things. I'm currently filling the X void with Doctor Who. It's like a constant stream of Vince Gillian episodes complete with the unresolved sexual and emotional tension that made me love the X-Files in the first place.

But nothing will replace Mulder and Scully. Ah well.
I was ticked at him too. And though I can totally see what you mean about leaving on a high note (which is often not the case, as most stars, series, performers wait until they are on the down slope), I didn't think 8 and 9 were that bad. I liked Doggett and whats-her-name, the Spanish lady partner. I think as attempts go to salvage a series, that one was not bad.

I DO NOT like Joshua Jackson. Don't even like looking at him. He gives me the willies. And the man who plays his dad -- I don't like him either. However, the lady sort of resembles Cate Blanchett a little bit. It is not great. Hereos is better.

Which Dr. Who are you watching, the recent episodes? I've only seen two of those I think, and I'm not even sure if they are on in my area any more.

Yeah, when it comes to general cult-like phenomena, I'm not sure there will ever be a show that can top XF.




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