I recently watched The X-Files: I Want to Believe. It was a lot better than I had expected. Even though the characters had progressed considerably (and I like how they had progressed), it reminded me of the older episodes of the show. I hope they make more TheX-Files movies like this one.

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What lawsuit?
They came back for a second movie because Chris Carter's lawsuit was resolved. ;-)

HA, so true.
See, I did not think it was wonderfully well-written at all. I don't recall too many of the pedophelia jokes, but I did not like the gay marriage joke made by the black FBI agent, nor did I like the implication that the bad guys were lovers. Hollywood always makes the villans sodomites.

Though, I do think that the Scully mini story was pertient to the overall story line, as we were clearly being made to draw parallels between her stem cell experiment and what the criminals were doing, and compare and contrast them in our mind.

Yes, Duchovney is not aging well at all, either. I don't recall the weiner joke, but I watched it over a two day period, too.

I would have liked to have seen more of Skinner and Doggett, too.
No, not the priest and the victim. But the bad Russian guy who drove the snow truck and the man with only his head left. The FBI agent made some joke about them being together in Massachusetts. It was a weak gay-marriage reference that just implied that they were an item. At least, that's how I read it. It was real quick though, but probably more easily caught by gays.

But I totally missed the cock joke when they were in bed together. My prob is that I'm always doing two things at once, so I sometimes miss things.
I just watched it this past week. I was rather disappointed. The topic was moderately interesting, but not so epic as to warrant a full-length film, like the first X-Files movie did. Of course, they could not just repeat the last movie and deal with aliens again, but I wish the topic had been more interesting and dangerous. I also did not like how the movie was edited, and I watched the extended version, too.
Is there anything worthwhile in the extended version?
Well, I didn't see the official version, so I can't compare and contrast it. But it struck me as badly edited. They built up to this action, and then it was suddenly over without any real dénouement.
They built up to this action, and then it was suddenly over without any real dénouement.

This movie was bad sex.
I feel like any sex with Mulder and Scully, regardless of how bad it is, is worth having.
Sorry DG, it wouldn't let me respond to your particular comment and I don't know why.

I didn't think 8 and 9 were that bad at all. In fact, I think the writing improved! But it just wasn't the same without Mulder. Dogget was great, but Reyes drove me UP A WALL.

I tried to get into Heroes but... didn't.

I'm watching the Doctor Who revival(?) that's about 4 seasons in. I'm watching it through netflix, actually, I don't even own a tv. And it's phenomenal. Totally worth checking out. Not as dark as X-Files at all, but very enjoyable.
Yeah, I can understand you missing him. Why did Reyes drive you up a wall? I liked her, and I liked it that they implied she was lesbian or bi.

I don't think any of the character really, really annoyed me -- like got on my nerves at all, like some shows do. I could not watch Will & Grace because Jack so got on my nerves. Sometimes characters just do that to you.

I liked Krycek, though. He was totally hot!
I didn't like how Reyes as the "believer" was portrayed - Mulder got to be brilliant about this theories and Reyes came off as the flighty "let me check your aura to be sure" woman. Ugh, again, I'm probably just bitter about Duchovny.

And I never got the lesbian vibe from her, I'll have to go back and watch a couple episodes.

Oh, and Krycek? Yes. Best scene ever.




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