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Work, I hate you. I know I should feel grateful in these times that I have you. But the only reason I'm staying with you is out of fear and the reality that I don't know if there is something that can replace you. When you ask me if I love you, I say, "Of course, baby," because I am utterly and completely dependent on you. When you demand I spend more time with you, I'll go out of my way to find ways to spend less time with you. I've always said I wouldn't stay with you for the money. But here I find myself with you for the paycheck. Fuck you, work.

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The worst part is Work has no appreciation of the sacrifices you go through just to keep the relationship going. We give and give and Work just takes and takes. You can't have a successful relationship when it's so lopsided. Of course, Work has got you by the genitalia. You can leave Work for another, but, what's the difference? One Work is just like another. I've tried working for myself, but, my hands got sore. Then, the assholes around you are all "You don't have Work? What's wrong with you?" Work is a batterer and I'm too scared to not take the abuse.
Work is the lover that you know is bad for you, but can't seem to break apart from.
Repent! Quit your job! You know the rest...
I spent an hour today with Franc talking about how we're going to leave Work together, one day, in the future, in a shining, beautiful future.
"Slacking Off" is NOT the same as "doing nothing."



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